Physiotherapy through posture correction helps you in managing the pain by identifying its cause and treating it accordingly. It also helps you to prevent further injury and regain your strength and flexibility.

Physical Therapy & Spine Alignment

Our in-house physiotherapists can help you relieve the pains caused by bad posture, such as neck pain, rebuild your core strength, improve mobility and your overall health with stretches and massage therapy to enable postural realignment through postural hygiene.

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Pre & Post Surgery Rehabilitation

We know how hard it can be to recover from surgery, so we make sure that every patient with a posture problem has access to the right tools and services for postural realignment during their recovery period through posture correction exercises and physiotherapy exercise. 

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Postural Analysis, 
Correction & Treatment

We help people stand up straight! We specialise in posture correction, and we can help you learn how to keep your spine straight so that you can live a happier, healthier life.

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Ergonomics for Better Work-Life Balance

Understand how your body interacts with your work environment and requirements, for decreasing the risks of injury, illness, enhance productivity, and improve the quality of your work-life. Take posture breaks for postural fitness.

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation & Strengthening Treatment

Our sports physio helps athletes effectively treat pain and return to normal life. Our sports medicine emphasises the importance of early injury recognition and treatment through sports physiotherapy and corrective exercises that enable optimal posture that you don't need a brace.

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Home-based Physiotherapy for Rehabilitation

Home-based posture correction and physiotherapy treatment makes you independent and self reliant. We provide rehabilitation in the comfort of your home for acute and chronic conditions, including stroke, heart failure, Parkinson's disease, and recovery from hip-replacement surgery. Postural muscles need a posture expert to strengthen weak muscle.

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Geriatric Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

We train the elderly people aged above 50 with physical therapy procedures to use their muscles in ways more efficient and safer, to improve their postural alignment, shoulder posture, and reduce injuries by helping them attain the perfect posture. Postural hygiene alone can prevent postural collapse.

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Nutrition & Diet Consultation

Engaging in physical activity and taking posture breaks is essential for health and wellness, but it is only half the battle. Good nutrition is paramount to a well-rounded fitness routine and is a key factor in leading healthier lives.

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