nutrition and diet consultation

NUTRITION and diet consultation

Are you looking to improve your health and wellness? At Posture Clinic, we provide nutrition services to help you get there. With registered dietitian Adarsh Jhade as our expert, we're confident that our services will help you feel better than ever! Nutrition is a key part of any fitness routine. It's important to make sure that what you're putting into your body is nourishing, not harmful. And this can only be possible through proper nutrition counselling. 


Dr Adarsh Jhade

Adarsh spent six years studying nutrition before joining Posture Clinic. As a certified Nesta fitness and nutrition coach, he's armed with science-backed nutrition information to help you become more knowledgeable about food and develop life-long dietary habits that lead to better health. At Posture Clinic, we help clients implement healthy food choices into their daily routine and understand how to address special nutritional needs for their requirements—from looking healthier to becoming competitive athletes. Nutrition is half the battle! Good nutrition is paramount to a well-rounded fitness and posture routine and is a key factor in guiding you toward a healthier life.

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-Nutrition consultation for weight loss or gain -Healthy recipes tailored to fit your body type and preferences -Food journaling to track what you eat each day -Planning meals based on time constraints or other restrictions (like gluten allergies)


The goals of a nutritionist are to help people make healthy choices, lose weight, and get fit. A nutritionist will help you identify what is going on with your body and how it affects your health. They will also help you understand why you are eating certain foods at certain times. In this way, they can help you make better decisions about what you eat and when. Nutritionists also focus on helping people lose weight by helping them form better habits around food. This may involve making changes to their diet or lifestyle, such as exercising more regularly or limiting the time they spend watching TV or playing video games so that they have more time for other activities like cooking dinner together as a family or going out into nature together (which can often lead to them eating healthier foods).


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Goals Of The Program

  • Help you make healthy choices with sports nutrition
  • Lose weight by giving up disordered eating
  • Get fit through a healthy diet
  • Control any medical condition, including diabetes and high cholesterol, through good eating habits
  • Combat food allergy with a nutrition plan
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle through nutrition education
  • Devise a meal plan after going through medical records of patients
  • Overcome eating disorder and heart disease through medical nutrition therapy

Why Posture Clinic

  • Our registered dietitian nutritionist is a certified Nesta fitness nutrition coach.
  • We offer group classes for corporate clients to educate their employees about nutrition.
  • Our nutrition experts can help your body to counter the above challenges with a customised nutrition program for your needs through healthy eating.
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