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The Frozen Shoulder: What You Need to Know About the Pain, and How to Treat It
Frozen shoulder arrests the range of motion, causes stiffness, and handicaps the joint capsule, causing untold misery.
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries: What You Need To Know
A young athlete could incur ligament injury, wear a knee brace, or seek the help of a physical therapist.
How to get the most out of physiotherapy
The techniques and treatments used by physiotherapists often work to educate patients. Therefore, this self-help approach is found to be effective in the long run.
Hunchback Posture Correction Made Easy
Bad posture can lead to back problems, shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches. Bad posture also affects your hands and wrists because they have to support your body weight.
Correct Your Posture, The Right Way!
The first step to good posture is to ensure that your head is in line with your body. If you imagine a vertical line running down the centre of your body, the top part of that line should be at the crown of your head, or slightly behind it.
How to Get Rid of Muscle Knots
A muscle knot is a tight, painful spot that's caused by overuse. Muscle knots are often caused by exercise and sitting at a desk, but they can also result from stress or poor posture.
Simple Exercises to Improve Posture
Improper, bad and poor posture can cause muscle tension or muscle fatigue and lead to rounded shoulders, static posture, and forward head. Proper alignment and better posture promotes healthy living and better performance in sports and everyday activities
12 Shocking Facts About Your Posture (And How To Fix Them)
Poor posture can cause a number of issues, including arthritis exacerbation, breathing efficacy problems, circulation issues, fatigue, headache, jaw pain, mood change, sexual dysfunction, shoulder and back pain, among others.
How To Increase Your Height and Correct Posture At Home
Losing weight alone will not increase your height. Correct posture and better height are related and if you understand this well, you could gain a few inches.
What is Posture Correction?
Posture correction and pain are related. Once you identify and assess their relationship, you can overcome pain and lead a pain-free life.
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